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My work/method is about strength, flexibility and control

In an industry that introduces so many workouts and fitness fads every year with so many injuries occurring, Nonna offers a classic approach to the body. Mastering her craft over several years, she teaches her clients not only how to heal their bodies and their injuries but to rebuild them, making them strong, healthy and beautiful. She has simply created a way to train and heal the body while turning it into a work of art. Nonna’s main goals are achieving proper alignment with her clients by creating a balance in their body, giving them the body of their dreams, and having fun in the process!

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“My work/method is about strength, flexibility and control”: Nonna believes that the body needs all three in order to function and preferment in its full ability.

“When I work/train the client it’s always about the person I’m working with”: Nonna visually puts her body into the client’s body in order to evaluate what will be the most beneficial for their needs at any given moment.

“I always try new pilates exercise moves on myself before I do them with the client”: This helps Nonna see if the move or exercise will be right for that person.

“Every time a client walks through the door I analyze where they stand at that particular moment as far as alignment and energy level”: By actively assessing each client and their current physical and emotional state, it helps Nonna decide what the client needs in order to get the most out of the workout and avoid any unnecessary injuries.