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My “secret” is my training and background. In addition to Pilates, I also have background in kinesiological, cranial sacrum, muscle activating techniques, Chinese acupressure, reflexology, body analytics, training, body engineering and, especially, a sixth sense of how to solve a physical problem that is causing pain to my clients who are also my patients. For instance, if your back hurts, the origin is probably in your knee, if your hip hurts, the origins probably in your other knee. I love finding the care of the issue and fix once and forever!

I can discern the real problem and solve it through therapy, acupressure, and strengthening the weak muscles contributing to the pain or muscle stressor. The solving of the mystery s to remedy and movement needed to repair the body area in need is very intuitivуe with me, but also very scientific. My patients kindly say that I not only heal them but help to ensure that there is no reinjury.

Skill photo
Skill photo