Body Styling for the Red Carpet

Body Styling for the Red Carpet

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During the Academy Awards, we fawn over the stars walking down the red carpet showcasing the beautiful garments that have been custom tailored by fashion’s finest designers.

I, however, find my work and my passion in custom tailoring the bodies that serve as the canvas for the garment. As a fashionista, I love the harmony between a beautiful dress and a healthy body.

In a space full of countless styling options for hair, makeup and clothes, pilates is an effective, healthy and natural tool to style the body itself. As a pilates instructor, my goal is not to mold women into a standard cookie-cutter shape. Rather, it is to enhance the most naturally beautiful parts of an individual’s body to help them shine in their own skin.

Helping clients prepare for red carpet events is a challenge that I cherish. To ensure people feel confident with dozens of cameras and millions of eyes on them — this is a mission with rewarding results.

One of my driving elements in my work is to help people stay true to their bodies. The flexibility of pilates allows me to help each client find the exercises that are best for their body type. Sometimes, my clients will bring me sketches of the dress they will be wearing to an event. If there is a high slit on the skirt, I focus on helping their legs be long, slim and toned. If there is a wide neckline or strapless dress, I design workouts that help shape the shoulders and chest. Above all, practicing pilates before an event helps my clients stand lean, tall and confident on the carpet.

Training the body correctly before a red carpet event gives each of my clients client the look they deserve and desire. But, pilates is not just for the stars — it is an accessible way of working out that can begin in the home. Tailoring the body is not about fitting into a certain sized garment, but rather about staying true to the body and building confidence so that one can find the right fit.