Holistic Pilates by Nonna

Holistic Pilates

In private Pilates sessions with Nonna, holistic Pilates brings balance to the mind, body and spirit, and addresses injuries holistically and mindfully. It helps find the root of physical issues by strengthening core muscles and teaching correct movement patterns in order to prevent injuries such as back, neck and knee pain. But in a larger sense, Pilates is a lifestyle that you’re accessing in everything you do each day. Whether it’s reaching for a glass in a cabinet or even getting out of bed, it retrains your muscles and your mind in such a way that not only prevents injury to all your joints but most importantly promotes a completely different quality of life.

In each Pilates exercise, you are educating your muscles on how to work in a way that allows you to gain strength, flexibility, and control. In doing so, it teaches your body how to protect your joints and gain proper alignment, which is crucial for avoiding and preventing injuries.

Body by Nonna Pilates Method

When clients ask what Pilates is good for, I  always respond with “It’s good for the body.” Regardless of age or fitness level, the benefits of full-body workouts provided by Pilates can be experienced through all forms of movement. As it is designed to enhance physical condition and performance level, Pilates helps clients get the most out of any activity that they enjoy.

People incorporate Pilates into their daily routines to achieve a sense of inner harmony. Pilates not only corrects old aches and pains, but also boosts self-esteem in attaining an aesthetic look.
In the Body by Nonna method, we avoid over-repetition for two specific reasons:

#1. It’s good to work a different group of muscles in various directions to avoid a plateau.
#2. Overdoing the same exercise with too many repetitions exhausts the muscle and
puts pressure on joints, creating room for future injury.

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Our daily routines naturally have different effects on the muscle groups in our bodies — some grow strong and stiff, while others weak and flexible. Such imbalance in the body is extremely unhealthy as it leads to misalignment and eventual injury.

But the Body by Nonna method is like a multivitamin for the body and mind; it is the only exercise method that is entirely body and mental health friendly. Each exercise is performed with 3-15 repetitions, and works to protect muscles, joints, and soft tissues such as ligaments and tendons from overexertion and unnecessary stress. However, I also emphasize that physical issues are often connected to emotional issues.

Before I structure an exercise regime personally tailored to my clients’ needs, I make it a point to prioritize their emotional well-being just as much as their physical health considering healing truly begins with work on the inside. In the end, my workouts leave clients looking naturally toned and feeling more confident than ever; they’re ready to take on any red carpet and look fantastic while doing it!


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