My method is about strength, flexibility and control.

One of the most renowned celebrity fitness instructors in the world, Nonna Gleyzer knows that a smart workout leads to a smart body. Her work method is centered on strength, flexibility and control, believing that the body needs all three in order to function at its finest.

Beyond just Pilates, training with Nonna is as much about healing and balance as it is looking your best. She has simply created a way to train while turning the body into a work of art, guiding each client through a journey to be their personal best that will build them up without breaking them down. In an industry that introduces so many workouts and fitness fads every year with so many injuries occurring, Nonna offers a classic approach to the body that’s centered on equal parts intuition and science.

Working with Nonna means taking a visceral approach to training and sculpting the body, a method that helps clients not only look and feel their best but also aids in healing and injury prevention. Nonna has an actual ‘sixth sense’ that has been mastered through years of working within the backgrounds of kinesiology, cranial sacral therapy, muscle activating techniques, Chinese acupressure, reflexology, body analytics, and body engineering. It’s this special intuitive gift that allows her to identify a client’s hyper-specific issue and provide relief once and forever through a mix of therapy, acupressure, and strengthening the weaker muscles surrounding the problem area.

With over 20 years of practice and still loving what she does, Nonna takes pride in personally working with each client to align them with their best physical and mental health. She maintains a relaxed, personable and knowledgeable environment where she welcomes every new day as an opportunity to change someone’s body in a safe and balanced way.