Pilates Instructor For Relieve Back Pain

Benefits of Pilates for Back Pain

Pilates can help manage lower back pain because it creates and increases flexibility in the spine, while also increasing muscle strength and better posture.

Moreover, it creates and increases flexibility and strength in the spine as well as the joints. Flexibility is the key element to eliminating and preventing injuries and helps healing poses of lower/upper back pain, neck and hips, knee pain and other issues. 

Other significant benefits of doing Pilates include improved core strength, increased muscle strength and flexibility and better posture.


How Pilates Can Help Manage Lower Back Pain

Neck pain usually appears between the C1 and C2 vertebrae in the upper neck, as well
as between the C6 and C7 vertebrae in the lower neck. The most common cause is a
tight thoracic spine, which pulls the neck down by creating compression and pressure between the vertebrae. There are several explanations for why this occurs — we spend hours working on screens, sitting hunched over our desks and traveling long distances.

Furthermore, many fitness routines that people adopt without proper research cause various muscle groups to become overstretched and strained, while other muscle groups are completely ignored, becoming weak and rigid. Those exercise regiments cause muscle instability in the body and later lead to injuries.

It’s essential to have strong lower abdominal muscles for safe and pleasant pregnancy. Strong abdominal help women support their back muscles throughout pregnancy and childbirth as the lower abs are the muscles that help push the baby out. It’s incredibly important to have solid abs prior to pregnancy, as it helps immensely with getting the body back in shape while caring for, lifting and breastfeeding the infant.

Another issue clients often present with is pain in the bottom of the heel. When it comes to foot pain, there are two forms of problems that people must deal with. Some people have flat feet, and their ankles don’t get enough support, resulting in painful, debilitating cramps at the bottom of their feet. Others come with strained and tight calves, which occurs when the arch of the foot is very high. It’s like I always say, the feet are the foundation of a healthy body and its alignment. If a person’s feet are strong, they will accurately describe their body weight each and every time. It’s funny – men don’t typically pay as much attention to their feet as women do, so I make sure to incorporate a lot of foot work on my male clients.

Celebrity Pilates Instructor Nonna Gleyzer

Lower back pain is the most common complaint amongst clients, and it is caused by tight hamstrings, calves, hip flexors, abdominal muscles and pelvic floor alignment problems. Imbalance between the IT bands and inner thighs is another significant contributor as well.
A healthy body, in my experience, is one that appears natural. Apart from being properly ‘aligned, I believe that a person should look good in whatever clothing they may wear, whether it’s leggings for the gym or a cocktail dress for date night.
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