Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen

“Nonna is tough and she always pushes me to my limit. She is fully committed to what she does. It’s hard work but I wouldn’t have it any other way”.


I love training with you because of your intuition and creativity. You are a true artist!”

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire

“Nonna has such a solid understanding of what she does and she is always great to work with”.

Natalie Portman

“Nonna has really helped to change my body in a safe way. She has such a thorough approach at getting you in shape and keeping injuries away. Also she is the kind of person I love spending time with while I’m exercising!”

Haley Bennett

Haley Bennett

“I had the most incredible life-altering experience today with Nonna. bodybynonna.com
Nonna, you pave the way to miracles so rare and gifted. Los Angeles is better because you exist here.”

Erica Zodtner

Erica Zodtner

Nonna has helped me so much not only with toning my body but with helping me align it. I came to her for help as my back was really bothering me as a result of my work – she immediately knew what the problem was and I felt better and stronger very quickly. I am happy to report I have no more pain in my back or hips and I am able to stand straighter and work without pain and feel MUCH more confident in my skin. She has also helped my 11 year old daughter with her strength and flexibility and it has really helped her with her dancing – my daughter adores her. If you are looking for serious changes .. Nonna will not disappoint!

Kerry Washington

“Nonna is fantastic! She brings enormous intelligence, experience, creativity and commitment to her work. Not only has my training with Nonna helped to heal my injury, Nonna has noticeably improved my overall physical health and appearance. My posture, my alignment, my flexibility, my strength, and my physical shape have all benefited. It’s wonderful to be able to train hard and get results while focusing on looking good and feeling good”.

Emma Roberts

“For Pilates, my favorite workout, I go to Nonna Gleyzer at Body by Nonna, and I can see my shape transform within a couple of sessions. That’s good because I’m that person who, after one class, lifts up her shirt and says, ‘Where are my abs?’ I want results!’.”

James Van Der Beek

“Nonna is a master… she will kick your ass and keep your body together better than anybody”.

Stacy Keibler

“Nonna guides me so I’m pushing myself just enough, and it feels amazing. After my first pilates session, I was hooked – my body felt incredible, my posture was better and I was even walking better”.

Cookie Johnson

“Nonna I give you all the praise for taking my bent knee after surgery and building back the strength to 100 percent full mobility. You are amazing!!!! I am now your biggest fan.”

Erica Reid

“I am very selective and I not only want a great mind and body workout, but I also want to avoid injury. I swear by Nonna’s signature blend of Pilates, physical therapy, and energy healing to stay fit on every level. Nonna is the person you see with injury, to avoid injury, and to whip it all together.”

Nnamdi Asomugha

“Working with Nonna has been an invaluable way to diversify my training regimen. She is knowledgable and enthusiastic, an amazing teacher!!!!”

Colleen Bell

Colleen Bell

“Nonna is that perfect combination of fire and water. Her teaching style is both energetic and powerful which along with her kind disposition, is the perfect combination to motivate me to work hard and reach my body’s potential. I have tried many different work out regimes, but I have found the most effective is working with Nonna.”

Michael Ealy

“Honestly, I never thought Pilates was for me…I really didn’t! Nonna is an unbelievable motivating presence in the room. Her discipline and focus is inspiring and her sense of humor is priceless. NONNA FIXES ALL PAIN! I’ve been fortunate to successfully rehab 2 injuries with Nonna guiding me every step of the way!”

Viveca Paulin-Ferrell

”I love training with Nonna. She makes me connect with my inner athlete so I feel young and strong again from the inside-out. Body by Nonna is training with a purpose strengthening weaknesses and staying strong and injury free for life. I love it – I just can’t get enough!”

Alessandro F. Uzielli

“I’ve been working out at assorted gyms with a variety of trainers for most of my adult life. I’ve never seen results as defined and as immediate as my training with Nonna. Between my family and my work, my time is limited. It’s very nice to know that it’s so well spent in Nonna’s studio.”

Zanna Roberts Rassi

“When you’re on a back breaking shoot you need some time which in my case is 6pm a class with The Body Stylist Nonna, Pilates teacher and a magician who cute my sciatica.”

Jessie Ennis

“I found Nonna while I was trying to recover from an intensive knee surgery. I had put on some weight and felt very limited physically. After a few weeks of working with Nonna, my body looked and felt completely different. Everything felt like it was being sucked in and lengthened. Even my stomach aches went away! I’m so grateful to Nonna for helping me find my agency over my body again. Our work together has strengthened every aspect of my life. I am happier, clearer, and kinder as a result of our workouts.”

Violet Brinson

“I’ve been working with Nonna for about three and a half months now and right away I started seeing results in my physique. She has really helped sculpt my body in a way that keeps me healthy, strong, and flexible. Each session is tough and challenging and Nonna pushes you to your limits without risking injury. She is an incredible person and I love spending time with her. I feel so lucky to have found her at such a young age. Nonna will be part of my routine FOREVER.”

Amanda Sthers

Amanda Sthers

“When I moved from France to LA 5 years ago, I was looking for a personal trainer but I did find way more when I stepped into Nonna’s studio! Nonna did rebalance my entire body and helped me stay in shape. She also helped with Acupuncture pressure points and definitely knows the whole body. When I am away shooting a movie, she still trains me on Skype. Nonna is the best Pilates instructor ever and … she is a ray of sunshine! Always funny and beautiful!”

Alexandra von Furstenberg

“I began working out with Nonna in 2006, already having knowledge in Pilates. I can safely say she is an excellent teacher. She is very in touch with the human body and how different they all are. In our pilates session she focused on my body’s needs and designed a routine to match it. She keeps the training fresh by expanding her methods with new moves. She demonstrates a passion for what she does, which is a delight.”

Dr. David Tannenbaum

“I began working with Nonna in 1998 to help with a lower back injury. I was so impressed with Nonna’s teaching method and her understanding of the human body that I began referring my own patients to her. Nonna is a true professional and knows how to facilitate the rehabilitation of patients who have chronic and severe injuries. For those who want to get into shape Nonna’s workouts are challenging and focused. Whether you are hoping to recover from an injury, prevent injury, or get into shape, I highly recommend working with her.”

Danielle Camastra

“I’ve known Nonna for over 10 years and I trust her completely with my body. When I leave my session I feel like she’s fine tuned me. Not only is she an incredibly skilled Pilates teacher but she takes a wholistic approach to training and making sure my body is in alignment so that I get the most out of my session. I look and feel my best when training with Nonna. She keeps my body strong yet feminine.”

Ella Michaels

“I have always been very an active person, from dance, to outdoor sports, to martial arts; so I know my body pretty well. And I am very happy an impressed with how quickly I started to see the benefits of training with Nonna. My body is no longer in pain from sports injuries or overtraining, I look and feel good, and I am recovering my strength, balance and flexibility!”

Rachel Eberle

“Nonna has a heart of gold and a sharp tongue. Before I could even open my mouth to tell her my physical ailments she already told me what my issues were just by looking at me and she was 100% right! See I was in an accident back in 2011 where I broke the majority of my spine when I was hit by a construction vehicle while walking across the street. Countless years of physical therapy couldn’t fix what Nonna completed in just a few weeks”