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The Body Stylist

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Yes, I am a pilates instructor. On my business cards, when I fill out any form that asks my occupation, I write “pilates instructor.” But my relationship with working with people’s bodies goes much further.

Today, there is a lot of pressure from the media to have a “perfect body”. And surely, living in Los Angeles, I am immersed in this culture.
But as someone with 20+ years in pilates training, I cannot emphasize enough how the “perfect body” is not something that can be set from a magazine cover or an Instagram post. It is different for each individual. I make it my mission to style bodies so that they are tall, lean and strong. Despite the shape of the body, a smart workout leads to a smart and beautiful body. Each body is individually styled to highlight its strength and its best features.

I have helped actors and actresses prepare for their films, athletes rehabilitate injuries, and countless others find themselves become happier with their bodies. But the best part about body-styling is shaping the body in a way that makes each and every client shine.

It is hard work, and I never sugar-coat the levels of dedication it takes to any of my clients. But I do hope that the sharing of my ideas and stories will inspire more to become their own body stylists.

I am looking forward to connect with more people. I encourage anyone who has a question for me to reach out — I will be happy to help!